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Business Legal Evaluation package

“Tell me what I need to know in order to avoid legal problems.”

My Business Legal Evaluation package is for business owners who want to know what current and future legal issues they might have.  For a flat fee of $600, I will meet with you for an hour over the phone, Zoom, or in person to get to know your company and your industry, discuss your goals, and review existing contracts and policy manuals.  I will then conduct and prepare a legal analysis in which I will inform you of legal issues that may require action. 

While the topics vary from company to company and from industry to industry, here are some areas that I will analyze:

  • Operating and Partnership Agreements
  • Internal policies
  • Bylaws
  • All matters involving employees and independent contractors
  • Intellectual property
  • Business licenses
  • Compliance
  • All matters involving existing and recommended contracts and leases
  • Lawsuit prevention and risk management
  • Identify insurance gaps
  • Other matters particular to the company and the industry

I will rank the issues in order of priority so that you can decide if and when to address them.  There is no further commitment after the evaluation.

Business Formation packages

Single Member LLC: $ 450

Price includes:

  • Articles of Organization
  • Bylaws
  • Federal Tax ID/EIN
  • Virginia Tax Number
  • Review Business License Forms

The price does not include filing fees or other fees that you might have to pay Virginia agencies.

Multi Member LLC: $ 750

Price includes:

  • Articles of Organization
  • Operating Agreement/Bylaws
  • Federal Tax ID/EIN
  • Virginia Tax Number
  • Review Business License Forms

The price does not include filing fees or other fees that you might have to pay Virginia agencies.

Most business formations will be for LLCs.  If you are interested in forming a corporation, please call for pricing. Because there are more formalities (legal requirements), creating a corporation can be much more involved than creating an LLC.

There are two types of pricing for legal services:  flat fee and retainer.

  • Flat Fee: This price is usually reserved for business formation, document filing, and criminal representation.
  • Retainer: I charge $350 per hour for most other services.

You will note that at $350 per hour, I charge considerably less than other business lawyers (source).  The reason is that I run a lean operation.  My overhead is small.  When you call for me, you will get me and not an associate, paralegal, or secretary.  If I am not in court, I will return your call immediately.  Because my overhead is small, I pass the savings on to you.

Another reason that I charge less than other business lawyers is that it is my goal to grow with you.  I want to partner with you for the next five, ten, or fifteen years.  I am looking for long-term partnerships, not for one-and-done legal services.

I offer a mix of flat fees and hourly fee rates that best meet your needs and budget.  It is my goal to give you the best service at the lowest price.  For that reason, depending on your particular issue, I can structure a price package that combines both types of fees.


My primary focus is on SMALL BUSINESS LAW. However, I also offer the following services: business consultation, business public speaking & argumentation, Veteran issues, and in some cases traffic & criminal defense.

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