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Contract Drafting and Review

Contract drafting and review in Virginia

Contracts drafting and review are two of the most important services that any attorney can offer.

Too often, small business owners tend to be unconcerned about them until it costs them financially.  Countless numbers of cases have been litigated in court because of one or two sloppily used words.  Do not cut corners.  This is not where you try to save a little money and do it yourself. Have an attorney review all of your proposed contracts. 

Contracts are recommended in all areas of a business:  employee agreements, non-compete agreements, motor-vehicle and office leases, sale-of-goods contracts, vendor agreements, service contracts, copyright licensing agreements, business licenses, loans, and many more.  

If there is any one area of the law where small business owners need to have a basic understanding of the law, it's in the area of contracts.  That is why I go into it in some detail. Click on the contract law issues on the right-side panel for more information.

There are so many different types of issues that might arise in contract law that it wouldn't be efficient to try to explain them here.  Here are just a few scenarios:

  • You consider taking legal action against someone who did not do something you had agreed to.  She tells you that there never was any agreement, that you had discussed it but never actually agreed to do anything.  Or perhaps it's you the one who believes there was no agreement, and someone wants to take legal action against you. (offer and acceptance)
  • You and another contracting party agree that there is an agreement, but the other person does not perform to your satisfaction.  What can you do? (breaches)
  • Is it worth your money to sue someone who breaches a contract? Or, perhaps you cannot comply with a contract.  What consequences might you suffer? (damages)
  • What if the other person breaches an agreement and tells you the agreement is not enforceable because it was not in writing? (oral or written)
  • Your company sell goods.  You talk to vendors everyday, especially when they drop off supplies.  From time-to-time you ask for modifications of your agreements, a shipment or two, or payment terms.  You are too busy to write down the detail and have both parties sign it.  Are all these enforceable agreements? (Uniform Commercial Code)

What exactly can I do for you?
1. Review, prepare, or advise on all types of contracts (see below).
2. Review all of your current contracts.
3. Analyze your business and recommend where it would be wise to have a contract.
4. Negotiate contracts on your behalf.

"All types of contracts" encompasses an unlimited number of contracts.  Many of them include purchasing and selling of goods, leasing and purchasing of real estate, and matters dealing with employees.  Toward that end, I can help prepare these and other legal documents:

a. Sales contract
b. Bill of sale for goods
c. Security agreement for buying/selling goods
d. Contract for the procurement of manufactured of goods
e. Equipment rental
f. Storage lease
g. Consignment contract
h. Employees/independent contractor contract
i. Employment application
j. Employment authorization to release information
k. Employment offer letter
l. Employment confidentiality agreement
m. Employment covenant not to compete
n. Independent contractor agreement
o. Building lease (complete or partial)
p. S
ublease agreement
q. L
andlord's consent
r. A
ssignment, notice, extension, or amendment of lease
Contract/option to purchase building or land
t. many others . . . 


My primary focus is on SMALL BUSINESS LAW. However, I also offer the following services: business consultation, business public speaking & argumentation, Veteran issues, and in some cases traffic & criminal defense.

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