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Business Compliance in Virginia

Businesses must comply with federal and state laws.

Some laws are not obvious to many business owners who are focused on finding customers.  For example, a small corner neighborhood store that was formed as an LLC, might have to register with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Most people think SEC registration is for large publicly traded companies.  However, it may apply to your business if it has at least one passive investor who expects to make money off the labor of others.  An attorney can help identify hidden issues.

How exactly can I help you?
1. Analyze your business.
2. Identify industry, federal, and state compliance laws, rules, and regulations.
Ensure compliance with corporate and LLC formalities, bank loans, and other contracts. 
4. Design and train employees on various compliance issues.


My primary focus is on SMALL BUSINESS LAW. However, I also offer the following services: business consultation, business public speaking & argumentation, Veteran issues, and in some cases traffic & criminal defense.

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